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With year round and seasonal sports for every child. We are parents 1st Choice. We provide affordable family youth sports fun with specialized attention on First Year Player Development, Skill Enhancement and “promise” that every child plays in the game, not on the sidelines. Ask about our:


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Our Environment

Designed to teach children the right way that they should go both on and off the field/court in the classroom and in the real world. We give students a safe, protected, disciplined, team oriented environment to thrive and compete against the best of the best on all levels. 

Location: Multiple Locations Depending on sports

Telephone: (301) -292-3688

Email: sports@pgbears.org

School Hours: M-Sat: 10am – 5pm

Learn By Doing

Experiential Learning at its core is based on Student Centered Learning where our Coaches are focused on hands on experience with individualized focus on talent development.

You and your child will have FUN; gearing up to WIN Championships and if we lose, learning that we get back up and keep going.


Greatness is Not Achieved on the Sidelines

Children must play is our motto not ride the bench. Participation builds character and confidence. Our Staff and Coaches take much care to ensure that every child gets an opportunity to play in the game. We believe that if a Coach can teach it, a child can learn it.



Each sport has a different set of requirements. For majority of our sports, we supply all equipment with the exception of miscellaneous items for practices.  For example, for tackle football, we supply the helmet and shoulder pads.  However, parents must purchase mouth pieces, chin straps and practice pants outside of us.  All requirements per sport will be provided to parents upon registration. 

Our goals

More Than Just Winning

Although the PG Bears has a long history of winning championships, improving both behavior and academics are first priority for we are more than just a winning team.  We build up students to go on to become successful men and women.


Below is a list of frequent asked questions that man parents have about their children playing sports with the Prince George’s Bears.

How Much Does it Cost?

Go to out Sign Up page and see our affordable family plan per child. We are built on developing talent not draining the pockets of hard working parents.  Our membership structure is designed to be family budget friendly and affordable.

Will My Child Play in Games?

ABSOLUTELY! – It’s just what we do.  Ask about our “Every Child Plays Project” in which our cerfiifed coaches are trained to ensure that every child plays in the game and not on the sideline.

What Is My Money Being Used For?

Your money is used to support organizational and operational expenses such as league fees, insurance, facility and venue permits, website maintence, equipment reconditioning and new purchases and a vast array of other expenes that most non-profit companies endure.  

Will My Child Get Better?
While we can’t gaurantee that every child will get better becasue each child is different. What we can guarantee that our coaches do their best to ensure that your child gets the best training possible and builds up confience in themselves to go the next level of competition.