Our Story

Established in 2010 to enhance the “FUN” in the youth sports experience, Youth Athlete University, Inc. (YAU) is a licensed 501c3 organization. We originally established YAU for ages 3-14 and the first year and developmental players to enhance their skills, bring out their God given talents and build up student athletes to compete at the highest levels of competitive sports – high school, college and beyond.  Because of this model, YAU is now the leader in youth sports development, and we have student athletes that are now at the top levels of high school and college sports.

We saw a need to address a concerning phenomenon in youth sports – Coaches who solely focus on wanting to win games or compete against the best of the best.  Winning and competing is not a bad thing.  We do that at YAU.  But when it is the sole focus and when coaches think, this will make a child get better at sports it can create several negative outcomes such as:

(1) student athletes who need skill building are ignored.

(2) these same student athletes get less playing time.

(3) this could damage their psychological state about sports and most importantly, themselves.

This is ultimately risking a child’s spiritual and emotional development for the pursuit of a national championship, a trip to Florida or a large trophy that only the coach or organization gets to keep anyway!

Out of this need, we developed the: Every Child Plays Project ®

Of course, our teams and student athletes will compete and high levels and win.  However, we will not win and compete at the expense of a child not getting ample playing time.

This is why we are the first and only youth sports organization where ALL the children in our program will get an opportunity to play in the game for more than just a few plays or a couple of minutes.

We believe so strongly that this builds on the fun-filled life of a child that this philosophy alone has made us parents’ 1st choice for youth sports.

What’s even better is that we strengthen academics and behavior through our Biblical based principles and sports and sports science programs.

It’s just what we do… we are Parents 1st Choice for Youth Sports

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen academics, build the next generation of youth leaders, improve behavior through sports and Christian-Biblical based principles.

With the support of our parents, we provide a structured opportunity for children of all ages to discover the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and friendship—both on and off the field.


#1 Parent Resource Center

Our parents are the driving force behind what makes us successful. When our parents are successful, our children our successful on and off the fields. YAU provides a plethora of parental resources to members. Join us to find out how you to can make a difference.

Our Youth Sports Science Curriculum

Sports & Academics

Our youth sports science and curriculum is fun filled and designed to enhance the school level needs for PARCC and standardized test readiness.

Let’s Get Your Child’s School Involved…