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The Prince George's Bears is a EVERY CHILD PLAYS organization no matter the talent.  

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YOUTH SPORTS SCIENCE - A Benefit of Joining the PG Bears

Since our existence, we have seen the impact and changes in the lives of not only our students, but also their parents.  This is truly prevalent based on their walk with Christ.

Every Child Plays - Is So Important 

01By implementing Youth Sports Science Curriculums into our sports programs, we can play every child, improve their skill and teach valuable life lessons.

02Everyone wants to win.  Even though we are a winning team, we understand that losing with integrity demonstrates good sportsmanship and discipline.  No matter the win or lost, we know all children played in the game.

03It's been proven that with the PG Bears, students progress both academically and behaviorally because they have a structured environment which allows individualized learning to take place.

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OUr youth protection policy educates parents and protects youth. 

THE PRINCE GEORGE'S BEARS has a philosophy that every child, no matter the talent - we will teach them and they will play.  

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EVERY CHILD PLAYSNo Matter the Talent, We Will Teach Them and They Will Play

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Discover opportunities in a judgment free zone for parents to network and fellowship with like-minded believers and thinkers and grow within the opportunities our parent network has with jobs, academic resources, entrepreneurship opportunities and healthy lifestyles for all ages.

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