Nutritional Value
Sports Science Nutrition
Lower Concussion Rates


  • Improve your Child’s Brain

    Our programs are cognitive drill centered through sporting activies that are fun, active in play and not only gets kids in better shape but significantly improves their cognitive functioning.

  • Technology Resources

    We use technology based resources to analyze our students and improve not only the team, we enhance the individual student as well.

  • Pyscho-social and Character Development

    The positive impacts on health, fitness, psycho-social and character development and numerous other traits contributing to academic and life success from youth sports participation are widely recognized, and increasingly, the supporting evidence continues to mount

Coach, Parent and Student-Athlete

It start’s with communication, being organized and developing a youth sports science curriculum designed to encourage FUN through participation with the Prince George’s Bears as we institute best practices with the trainings most appropriate for the youth athlete.

  • Muscular Strength Trainings
  • Muscular Endurance  Trainings
  • Power Production
  • Speed and Agility
  • Balance and Stability
  • Coordination and Speed
  • Cardiovascular Education
  • Improved psychological well-being

The Prince George’s Bears is a EVERY CHILD PLAYS, no matter the talent organization.  

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Psychological and Social Benefits of Joining the PG Bears

Since our existence, we have seen the impact and changes in the lives of not only our students, but also their parents.  This is truly prevalent based on their walk with Christ.

Every Child Plays – Is So Important 

01Studies suggest that sport can also have a huge impact on a child’s psychological and social well-being. And teach them some extremely valuable life skills too.

02Everyone wants to win.  However, losing with integrity demonstrates good sportsmanship and teachers our students discipline.

03As kids grow up, we expect them to learn to control their emotions. Especially the negative ones.  In sport, emotions can run high and learning to channel them the right way can be tough for youngsters.

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We have the best Coaches and the Best Training Programs

Parents come from all over Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia just to join our club.  Why?  Not because we win Championships or have the best looking jerseys and give our students a bunch of materialistic items.  Parents join us because we have a strong infrastructure built on Biblical principles. 

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