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Transportation Services

Quite often as parents, we have busy schedules and unique working hours.  Some parents in the communities we serve do not have any means of transporting their child to and from practice/games even though their child wants to play with the Prince George’s Bears.  As a result, with a small affordable weekly cost, we offer transportation services to those in need through our transportation carpool and round trip services.

Features of Transportation Service
  • Conveinience
  • Reliability
  • Save on Uber and Lyft cost
  • Students receive every practice learning objectives
  • Practice and Game Day pick up/drop off
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Parent Business Opportunities 


Are you a Parent that's an Entrepreneur?

Many of our members are parents that are Professionals such as Real Estate Agents, Insurance and Retirement planners, accountants and just starting up their sole proprietorships and businesses.  We want to support you and your business.  If you have a business you believe our members can benefit from, we want you to let us know about it.

Get Your Business Services

It may sound strange, but not every business is a good fit for the Prince George’s Bears.  For example, as a Christian based org, if you sell tabaco products, we don’t believe that would benefit either our parents or students.  We have an approval process before you can solicit your services to our constituents.  It’s really quite simple.  

We just ask a few simple questions, and once “approved”, we will allow you to solicit your services to our community of parents and students.  We even go the extra mile and blast your business services to our vast network thereby creating opportunities for your business to thrive. Submit A “Support My Business Application.”

Careers with the Prince George’s Bears


We have Several
Job Opportunities

Volunteer Coaching Positions
Volunteer Administrative Positions
Full Time/Part Time Paid Positions


After School Programs – Academics


Through Our Partnership with
Youth Athlete University

Youth Sports Science

Youth Athlete University offers a series of S.T.E.A.M.S (Science, Technology, English, Arts, Math and Sports) programs after school.

Forward Thinking Curriculum

Using innovative technology and STEAMS best practices, we educate youth in youth sports science procedures, practices and technology.

Get Youth Athlete University in Your Child's School

If Youth Athlete University is not in at your child’s school, contact us and will show you how to get it there.

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