What are the Requirements Per Sport?
Each sport has a different series of requirements.  You can learn more about the requirements and affordable cost ($) for each sport by going to the “Sports” link in the main menu. 
Missed or Skipped Payment?
If your membership payment skipped, declined, or missed, your child will not be kicked off the team.  They will still be allowed to participate.  We trust our parents are responsible enough to make up any missed or declined payments.  However, all missed payments must be paid by the end of the season.  If not, your balance will be sent to a collection agency subject to penalties and interest and possibly show up as a negative balance on your credit report. 
What do my payments cover?
All positions within our organization are volunteer positions.  Even the CEO/Co-Founder/President/Owner, etc. does not receive a salary for his/her services.  In fact many of our Coaches pay out of their pockets with money and time to donate to the club and we expect our parents to do the same.  All payments/fees received are used to cover a wide variety of expenses such as equipment, league fees, referee fees, uniforms, permits, insurance, and much more… 
Is your team a winning team?
Historically, we have won several championships in various leagues and sports.  Please keep in mind although we want to win and we are involved in competitive sports and leagues, that winning is not our ultimate goal.  Our motto is that “Every Child Plays” no matter the talent level, skill level and/or heart.  Our coaches are trained to ensure every child in our organization has fun and an uplifting experience.  
Can my child be injured or get a concussion?
With any sport, even basketball, golf, soccer and football, there is a risk for injury and concussion.  However, our Coaches more specifically with Tackle Football have been trained by USA Football and the NFL and government sanctioned Heads Up Football program to teach our students the proper way to perform in order to avoid and/or lower the risk of injury and concussion.  
Refund Policy?
There are NO REFUNDS.  Please consider this before you sign up.  If you pay/paid (for any service) and your child and/or you did not participate, or you decide to leave the program during the season or during off season, please consider your initial payment(s) a donation.  We can send you a “tax letter” indicating that you donated to us to use.  The reason for “NO REFUNDS” is that we use every dollar we receive immediately to cover expenses from operations, uniforms, equipment, hardware, etc. 

More Questions Answered

What is the Youth Protection Policy?

Our YPP is a strict code of ethics based on Biblical principles and require every staff member to go through a rigorous training and criminal background check.  

How can I become a Coach?

First, all coaches must have a heart for the children.  Secondly, you must be able to pass a background check and the application process.  Coaching requires a full commitment to the community.  

Behavior Problem? No Problem

Our Coaches are trained to deal with all types of behavior problems and re-directive energy techniques that allow children to become more disciplined and structured.  

What are the Athletic Fees?

Our athletic and membership fees are affordable for any budget.

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How can I sign up today?

Signing Up is easy.  Just click on the link below and you’re on your way. 

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