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Through the National Youth Athletic Association, we offer several types of tutoring programs both free and some you pay for including after school programs that institute our core values and drive the academic success best practices that every parent wants to see in their child.  

A student should not be taken out of sports because of grades.  If grades are your concern as a parents, sign your child up for our programs.  Evidence suggests that students benefit both academically and with sports performance when they are involved in both.  Research published in The International Journal of the History of Sport last year found that having “dual participation in both sports and school” provides motivation for academic success, training and preparation, stimulating athletes intellectually and relieving stress.


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Free Tutoring

Free Tutoring

Once a Week

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$ 0

1 Weeks

After School Program

After School Program

Sponsored by Youth Sports Max

$ 50

1 Months

S.T.E.A.M.S – Science, Technology, ELA, Arts, Math and Sports after school program by Youth Sports Max. Our After School Program is designed to instill Homework first then Sports.  

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Sports Technology Classes

Sports Technology Classes

By Youth Sports Max

Youth sports technology driven curriculum 

$ 50

365 Days

Nutritional Assurance


youth sports max sports technology curriculum uses innovation  and technology that enhance YOUTH athletic performance

SPORTS SCIENCE is the new trend that’s educating parents and training our students to be better students in the classroom and on the field.  Check to see if YSM is holding after school programs at your child’s school. 

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