Parent Resources

Get Involved and Become a Volunteer

Our parent volunteer and outreach programs are designed to provide an array of resources and opportunities that embrace the time, energy and commitment that each of us put into our children to ensure their success.  Parents can become members of the Maryland Youth Athletic Association and build the community.  Our current volunteer parents, players, staff and national partners allow us to reach out across multiple regions, industries and communities and provide support in a variety of areas.

Become a Team Mom or Dad and volunteer to assist the team and coaches with administrative work and nutritional meals.  Our team mom and dad program is designed to build upon the leadership that we install in the youth that participate in our program.

We are always looking for experienced coaches for all of our sports.  If you are a Coach and can teach sports such as football, basketball, soccer, tennis, skiing or kickball, or golf we encourage you to Contact Us.  All of our Coaches must pass a background check.

Sports as an Instrument of Education

Consider sports as an instrument of education when it fosters high human and spiritual needs; when it forms youth in an integral way in values such as loyalty, perseverance, friendship, solidarity and peace. Surmounting differences of cultures and ideologies, sports offers an ideal occasion for dialogue and understanding among peoples, for building the desired civilization of love.

If you are an educator, teacher or life skills coach, we invite you to join our program so we can continue to build upon the network of resources we use to educate and uplift our Student Athletes. - Contact Us

Youth Protection Policies

As a positive youth development organization, we have a moral and legal obligation to ensure the safety and well being of young people entrusted to our care. The same is true for other Extension programs that involve young people. We know, however, that participation in any program or activity brings with it some level of risk. How we choose to deal with that risk determines the level of safety afforded to the young people who participate in our programs.  Our Youth Protection training, guidelines and procedures are intense and designed to fully protect the youth.  From training of all coaches on staff in CPR, First Aid, AED, Heads Up Concussion and a wide variety of other youth protection procedures.  All to ensure the youth are safe, comfortable and are provided a quality fun-filled experience.


The main benefit to joining our organization is that we give young people a safe place to meet and develop socially, including enhancing their skill level in sports. Your youth will learn skills such as, self-confidence, teamwork, coordination, social skills and some will be able develop their leadership skills and improve academically. Parents who fund raise with us understand the benefits that we provide to the State of Maryland and the local communities.  Fundraising is a big part of what keeps our operations organized and structured and we need your help to continue this success.