Using an individualized approach to learning that builds the skills each child needs to succeed at school, at life and academically is developed through a stable and secure support system.

The NYAA and the PG County Bears is that support system.  It is our goal that all students will academically reach above the State standards for satisfactory and strive for excellence for the Maryland Learning Outcomes and Core Learning Goals through the instruction and support services that are provided as a benefit for being a member of organization.  All students must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA.  It’s not always about sports. MYAA has a dependable academic program that strives for excellence. Become a member and learn more about our unique services. Membership is Free.

The development of physical, mental and emotional fitness and fitness includes the body (well-tuned and healthy), the mind (able to think and solve problems), and the emotions (self-control, courage, and self-respect).   Part of the mission of the NYAA is to “create a better society by focusing on educational attainment and using the power and appeal of sport to positively affect social change.” Since its inception, NYAA members have proved to be effective advocates for balancing academics and athletics. By joining the NYAA, a member agrees to give back.

To bring the best programs that strengthen academics, The professional research team of the PG County Bears have conducted extensive research and found that A growing body of research literature indicates that in addition to improved physical health, sport plays a primarily positive role in youth development, including improved academic achievement, higher self-esteem, fewer behavioral problems, and better psychosocial.Many studies focus on the effects of sport on the five “C’s”—competence, confidence, connections, character, and caring—which are considered critical components of positive youth development.

It has long been thought that the many facets of playing sport—the discipline of training, learning teamwork, following the leadership of coaches and captains, learning to lose—provide lifelong skills for athletes.

For all students that join the organization, they are provided the option of attending free tutoring sessions to help improve academic levels in school. - CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MORE

Sports provide opportunities for children and youth to engage in valuable and positive relationships with adults, which is especially important when such benefits are not available at home. Thus, it is a missed opportunity for children who are “gated”—or not included in sport—during early stages of childhood because they are less well behaved than other children. These children are being prevented from participating in the very thing that could help them learn to control and regulate their behavior.

Sports provide an opportunity for children to safely navigate and negotiate between right and wrong as they learn to interact with peers and adults. Research suggests that playing sport can even protect against suicide risk in youth. Compared to non-athletes, male athletes exhibit lower levels of hopelessness and suicidal delineation. Young males involved in multiple sports seem to garner even more protection in this regard. Similar results were found for girls. Research on the role of exercise in adults confirms that it improves mood and alleviates many forms of depression. We found that youth who are highly involved in sport are more “psychologically resilient,” that is, better able to recover from problems. Other research conducted finds that sport participation protects young athletes against social isolation.