Love for the Students

Love for the Students.  It’s true.  In order to Coach well, you must have love for the students and a passion for the teaching.  Its also requires discipline, character and will from the players and parents as well.

Commissioner Antonio “Tony” Bowden decided this year in 2018 to Coach 2 Flag teams (12u and 14u) for the Spring Season.  As you can see from the picture, it was a rainy cold spring day and the players were soak and wet as they played the back to back championships.  That’s love the players he coached this past spring.  The players were ready, the parents were willing and loyal and the task was on.  It wasn’t easy as Coach Tony works a regular 9-5 and still volunteers his time, energy and monetary resources to ensure that the students we serve have the best experience both on the field and off the field.  “Being a volunteer Coach requires love for the students, a passion for teaching them and loyalty to the club not the coach for I will not be their only coach all their lives.”   As the team practiced simultaneously with each other, the parents were excited to know that their children had a dedicated Coach. Although Coach Tony had 2 teams he coached at the same time, they were still able to win the 2018 Spring Flag Championship.  This win we believe was mainly contributed to the players having full understanding of their obligation to remain disciplined, encourage team work and execute with 100% consistency.  This was also due to the loyal parents that helped out with administrative task, team mom and dad duties and encouraging the students and coach to stay the course and finish the race.

Our infrastructure is built on spiritual principles.  That’s what makes us a strong team and a winning team. - John Shackelford, Director of Marketing

“We must have a relationship with Christ”, leads and drives every Coach within our organization which is part of our fundamental biblical infrastructure.   As   “It’s up to us as coaches to ensure that every child learns the game and every child has an opportunity to play in the game on game day.”

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