More Than Winning

Yes, we win games and championships.  It’s true.  However, winning is only part of the task.

In the year 2015, the 6u team under the Head Coach John Shackelford had a perfect season (10-0) and held their opponents to less than 7 points in each game. In some games the opponents didn’t score.  We caught up with Head Coach John and ask him.  What does it take to have a winning football team.  One of the first things he said is that.

Our infrastructure is built on spiritual principles.  That’s what makes us a strong team and a winning team. - John Shackelford, Co-Commissioner

“We must have a relationship with Christ”, Coach John tells us. Creating hope in the youth is one of the most important features of any youth organization. It takes a commitment to ensure that each child is taught the fundamentals of football in order to win.  Sometimes we win but still lose when kids don’t get enough playing time.  John’s motto is that all kids play regardless of skill level.  “It’s up to us as coaches to ensure that every child learns the game and every child has an opportunity to play in the game on game day.”

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